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Protect yourself from the cold!

By David Jung: I don’t think you need me to remind you how cold it’s been up in the North East recently. It’s gone from being just cold and has entered “bitterly cold” territory! Given that the weather outside is so frightful, more people than usual are dealing with aches and pains in their joints. We’ve got more people calling up Physio Rooms to get some help and advice on what to do. Have you felt the cold deep in your bones yourself? If you’v...
Posted on 2019-01-20

5 Tips to Reducing Tightness

By David Jung: Most people are under the impression that stiffness is something that just happens as you get older. There’s definitely some truth to this opinion, but joint stiffness isn’t always related to your age.  It is true that joints and muscles can feel stiff when you get older if you aren’t exercising properly. It’s also true that joints can become less flexible with age as the amount of lubricating fluid inside them diminishes, and cartilage become...
Posted on 2018-12-26

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