Physical Therapy

Aches and pains causing you to push your physical fitness to the wayside? Well, here at Lion Physical Therapy, we’re here to remove the barriers and get you back on track towards living a physically fit, healthy, fulfilling life.

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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy has the potential to make an immediate impact on your life right from the start! As a skill-based technique, our physical therapists will design a manual therapy plan that helps you improve movement, strength, and your body’s natural healing process.

Corrective Movement Programming

When it comes to your body, you know it best! For that very reason, our team of physical therapists will work with you to identify your unique needs, your own limitations, and your own abilities to create a completely personalized corrective movement program that works to strengthen the areas in need of strengthening, flex the muscles in need of flexing, and move the areas in need of mobility.

We also offer physical therapy in the following additional areas:

  • Myofacial release

  • Active release

  • Trigger point therapy

  • Percussion Therapy

  • Kinesiotaping

  • Graston - IASTM

  • Sports Recovery



Personal Training

Exercise Recovery


Climbing Performance

Golf Performance