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The therapist will give a full body massage rather than focusing on injuries or specifics. The goal is to provide a relaxing experience, increase blood flow, and provide general maintenance to the muscles.

In a medical massage, the focus is on functional outcomes and medical needs. We specialize in deep tissue medical and sports massage aimed at these key muscles in order to not only relieve aches and pains but to improve movement and performance.

When working with our massage therapist you can expect a full subjective and objective exam in order to tailor your treatment session to your needs and goals using in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology to target specific muscles and trigger points.

As an added bonus, if you participate in a physical/performance therapy plan of care as well, our massage therapist works closely with our doctors in order to seamlessly incorporate massage into your rehab program.

Our massage therapist is also trained in relaxing forms of massage to help you melt away your stress and stiffness.

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