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Experience the future of physical therapy at Lion Physical Therapy. Our exclusive one-on-one treatment sessions redefine personalized care in the industry. With our private approach, you'll receive undivided attention from our skilled therapists, facilitating tailored treatment plans and expedited progress towards your goals.

Discover the transformative power of this progressive method of physical therapy and unlock your full potential with us.

Physical Therapy Long Island City

Manual Therapy

Our skilled physical therapists at Lion Physical Therapy expertly blend art and science to deliver transformative manual therapy. Through personalized, hands-on techniques, we create tailored plans to enhance your movement, boost strength, and unleash your body's healing capabilities. Experience the immediate impact from day one and discover the difference with our manual therapy services

Manual Physical Therapy Long Island City

Personalized Corrective Movement Programming

We recognize the importance of your individual needs, limitations, and abilities. That's why our team of physical therapists collaborates with you to create a fully personalized corrective movement program.

This customized plan is tailored to strengthen areas in need, increase flexibility where necessary, and improve mobility in targeted areas. With our guidance, your journey towards enhanced movement and function begins with a program designed specifically for you.

Posture Correction Program

In today's digital age, prolonged periods of sitting and computer use have become the norm, often leading to postural imbalances and discomfort. We understand the challenges posed by sedentary behaviors demanded by work. 

Our experienced team of physical therapists collaborates with you to identify the root causes of your postural issues and design a personalized program tailored to your needs. Through targeted exercises and ergonomic adjustments, we work to realign your body, strengthen weak muscles, and restore balance to your posture.

Bid farewell to the old you and welcome version 2.0 with Lion Physical Therapy's Posture Correction Program. Walk with confidence as you embody the revitalized you, standing tall with improved posture. Step into a future where you move with grace and assurance, empowered by your newfound posture and strength.

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