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Nutrition Long Island City

When it comes to physical fitness, what you put into your body is just as important as how many calories you burn, how hard you work out a specific muscle group, or any other form of therapy all together! Nutrition is everything as it relates to health, because our bodies require specific vitamins, nutrients, and proteins to help us build muscle, relieve us from aches and pains, and increase our strength and mobility.

At Lion Physical Therapy in Long Island City, our registered dietician will work with you to create a simple, easy to follow nutritional guideline, completely tailored just for you. We understand that every client’s eating habits may differ, along with your tastes and preferences, so just like our physical therapy treatments, we’re dedicated to providing a personalized experience completely unique to you!

Haven’t met your goals in the past? Don’t worry, with Lion Physical Therapy, we’ll be sure that you hit each and every single goal – no matter what! Why? Because we’ve designed your plans specifically for you, and we just know you can achieve every last goal!

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