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You may not believe it, but it turns out that your exercise recovery process is actually just as important as the workout itself – and sometimes even more so! Learning how to properly recover and treat your muscles after an intense workout is crucial to ensuring that your muscles stay strong and free of aches and pains for years to come.

Our recovery services include:

Hypervolt - Localized percussion to decrease soreness & stiffness, improve blood flow, improve range of motion, and accelerates warm up and recovery

Medical Massage - Assessment followed by highly specific myofascial realease aimed to ease tension in muscle and improve blood flow

Graston - Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization tool which allows the targeted area to jump start recovery and stiffness

Rocktape - Highest quality athletic tape designed specifically for areas in need of serious recovery. They stay with you for up to 48 hours continuing to slow down fatigue optimize flow of nutrients to the surrounding tissue.

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